Labor and employment consultation

The firm provides comprehensive services for employee management and wage processing for micro, small, medium and large enterprises. We deal with more than 50 National Collective Labor Agreements appertaining to many types and ranges of employment. The firm furnishes tailored support to companies with existing personnel departments. We also provide professional assistance in accessing social compensation benefits for companies during the delicate phase of corporate restructuring.

Services offered:
– Calculation of differences in remuneration, compensation for damage, and appreciation and interest for individuals, businesses and law firms.
– Drafting acts of transaction.
– Conciliation and arbitration.
– Expert witness.
– Assistance on-site during audits and inspections.
– Assistance and verification of internal payroll processing compliance, including regular check-ups or thematic issues.
– Analysis and planification of individual pension programs.
– Consultation on the management of labor disputes.
– Consultation on the application of social security legislation (CIG, CIGS, etc.).
– Consultation on individual and collective dismissals.
– Expatriates: advice and assistance in the management of international mobility. Tax laws, contributions and insurance related to foreign workers in Italy and Italian workers abroad.
– Processing of employee payroll.
– Preparation of budget estimates and of actual personnel costs.
– Customized elaboration of statistical data.
– Business cost analysis and evaluation of possible strategies for labor cost reduction.